BLINDED(like you);


Thinking about it was not going to solve anything. Taking action on the other hand was just going to make matters worse for me. What was I to do? If I told him the truth our friendship was going to end that instant. Keeping the truth from him on the other hand was going to make matters worse. I was left in a dilemma . I was to choose on either keeping our friendship or telling him the truth which could change the current situation into either a positive outcome or tear down what we had built for more than a decade.

Many weeks had gone since the disease had cropped in. It was eating him from the inside and it was soon going to be the cause of our downfall. We were once a great team where love, understanding and unity were our pillars, the fuel that ignited us pushing us to achieve whatever we wanted. Whenever a problem rose we shared it amongst ourselves and solved as mature people but this time everything was inverse to what we always did. I never knew that this was going to be killed by some words.”You are the best. Why cant they be like you”.

Five weeks ago our dance crew had given a perfomance of a lifetime in the anually celebrated talents day. That was our day as our decorated crew members gave their all. Hardwork forever paid and that day this was confirmed not by words but by the results. We had achieved our target and setting a new one was one thing that we needed to do as soon as possible. My friend James was actually named the best dancer. That day his vivacity had actually attracted the audience and there was a greater look of ecstasy on his face which could not be hidden. We all happy for him that day. Jelousy had no room in our hearts as crew.

What happened next actually changed everything. We were still celebrating our victory when James uncle joined us. ” congratulations for the good work done, ” He said “and James you are the best. Why can’t they all be like you?” There was something sinister behind that question. We had just beaten his team which was our bitter rival in the competition. There was a fleeting moment of silence that drew all the attention towards him. This was broken by an unexpected shocking reply from James. “Yes I am the best.” He said vehemently. I was left contemplating about what had just happened. I knew that all was not well with the other members as the words left them crestfallen. James felt that his role was the only thing that culminated our act to victory not considering the other members roles.

Weeks passed and it seemed that those words were seeds of pride that had grown and were now reflected by his actions. It was no longer a secret that he was enslaved to pride. He could no longer accept any correction from us as looked down upon us. Anytime he was corrected he was left in a petulant state. Those words had actually disoriented his mind and had left the crew in an obnoxious state. He had even started missing the dance classes and practise sessions simply because he felt he had already achieved it all. As his best friend it was my responsibility to correct him but I could not risk loosing my friend. If I told him the truth he was surely going to consider me as jealous friend. I had left the matter to take its own course. His uncles words had blinded him.

After being too much disrespectfull to the members and the teacher he was suspended. Instead of learning from his mistakes he began taunting the teacher. He was forced to leave the crew never to come back. I was very sad but what was I to do?I had no say on the issue. One evening after the tiresome practise session the teacher called me for a reason that was only known by him. ” You were his closest friend, why didnt you correct him. You are not a good friend.” He said. These words haunted and made me guilty. Was I to blame? It was already too late. I could not change anything. His obsession had blinded him and it became the cause of his downfall.


I can’t describe the feeling,
I can’t tell how it works,
I can’t explain how it reacts,
I can’t control how it acts.

It’s not what you think,
It’s not what people say,
It can’t be what people see,
I can’t explain how it feels.              

It ignites a new hope,
Gives life to those who are down,
It can’t be what people see,     Words can’t describe it.

Strengthens every soul,
Re-unites every foe,
Lights our murky path,
Words can’t describe it.

Dictates our every action,
Controls our every thoughts,
Heals our broken hearts,
Love is what it is.


The rank

I had always ranked myself as one of the most respected people in the neighbourhood. I had never thought of it as a bad thing since everyone loved to be praised or let me say get all the attention. Was I to blame?

A good reputation was all that everyone wanted and I had to do everything to earn it. I had to polish my character and design it like the clouds where everyone desired to reach. An atmosphere of competition was already felt amongst us. Jealousy started creeping in and I detected some apprehension, a subtle rivalry of some sort between me and my friends who seemed to have ganged against me.

I did not care since I was already blinded by the desire of being the best. A feeling of anguish was great that it threatened to engulf me. I had to achieve what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me.

My competitive nature had overshadowed my other qualities. Before I realised it, I was already a hostage of a new behaviour that cared about nothing a part from itself. I only concentrated on what made me the best ahead of all my friends never to realise that I was only pushing them away. Actually I was only one step closer to being two steps far from them. Was I the problem?

I had been enslaved to my new character. How was I to overcome it? I thought I was being the best of me never to realise that I was only degrading myself into a monster . I was in a grip of an obsession which was too powerfull for me to resist .


All this time I knew I was respected but when I thought of it, it was more of fear than respect. I was in a greater turmoil. I tried to free myself from the situation but I was chained never to be let loose. How was I to escape the predicament?That I didn’t know.

I had no clue of what to do. Those who were to help me were all gone. Anytime I tried making new friends the outcome was inverse to what I expected. I was treated like a deadly disease which wiped out any creature that crossed it’s path. No one could stand my new behaviour. No one was willing to help me. What was I to do?



It was 7am and I was still on my bed. I was stressed out for a reason only known by me. At the moment I was not thinking clearly. Confusion reigned supreme in my forlorn heart. Feeling of hopelessness,  betrayal and anger alternated in my mind. I never understood what really happened but it looked like my dreams were shutting down.Two weeks had gone and the word patience had gradually eroded itself from me. My partner had not submittted his project and time  was quickly running out. My rage was still seething from within me. I was still glued to my bed  when I heard my phone ringing. It was a text which alerted me that all the projects we to be submitted by 1pm  that very same day.I quickly tried to reach him but the outcome was inverse to what I expected. What really happened and why was he not answering my calls? It was now 12.21pm when I received his first text “sorry bro,  I had started my own project with another organisation and failed to finish our project so it mean you have to finish it by yourself. Have a nice day.” I was shocked to my changrine he had done nothing and was nowhere to be seen. It was already late and I could not do anything to save the whole project. I had to move on to new projects without him  and leave that project pending.

After  that event I remained  taciturn and morose knowing well a new dawn had just risen. Was I betrayed ? That could only be answered by him.

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