I always thought they had my back,

The only people who seemed to understand my life,

The warm smile on their face consoled my fragile heart,

With arms wide open they embraced my forlon art,

Who thought they could stab me in the back,

When each day they stood by my side,

They were the star that guided my path,

I was actually blinded by their untrue love, 

The veneer cover that was displayed on their faces,

The tender touch that was felt when they embraced me,

This had surely tamed my broken heart from the inside,

Changed my kingly behaviour to a now humble obedient servant,

I poured my life into their hands,

Very submissive to their every command,

My secrets were now  in the palms of their hands,

Without worries I trusted the process laid down b their words,

Who knew I was betraying my ownself,

How was I to know they had faked the whole thing,

Did they really care about me?

Was I ever running on their mind?

I was again fooled to believe that I had someone by my side,

A warm loyal heart that would fight my war,

A sensible wise mind that would understand my path, 

It was so good to be loved,

Down the streets all eyes on me,

In every  crowd the story was me,

I never understood why I was the key,

To the new rumour that rocked  the streets,

As the trees drops the leave,

They all left me,

Wihout any cover I had to stand the wind,

I didn’t believe that I was alone,

My murky teared eyes were now shading the scales,

Running towards my helper s I couldn’t believe,

They were caught seated behind the scenes,

Skillfuly plotting the next phase, the final episode against me,

Anger, disappointment and confusion consumed me,

All of my secrets now held by thee,

The guilt overshadowed me,

I had killed my own me…



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